As I sat for several hours in wild nature during my Soul Quest, I felt a sense of belonging I have rarely felt before. A clarity arose, a deep connection with the land, with the ants around me, the clouds above me and the mountains that echoed my voice. A small cricket whispered my true name…

In this moment I received a glimpse of my own purpose and indigenous place in the web of life. I discovered that (a part of) my calling is to guide people into reconnection with their soul and with the animate, living, breathing Earth.

My name is Rick Jansen, born on the beautiful Veluwe in the Netherlands and currently I live as a long-term resident in Plum Village, which is Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Mindfulness Center and Monastic Community in the South of France. 

I am a certified Purpose Guide™, a Regression Therapist and a mentor with Purpose Guides Institute. Another avenue where I express my love and care for the Earth is through my work at the central hub of Alliance for the Earth / Gaia Mandala Global Healing Community, a small non-profit organization engaged with the beautiful, transformative and cutting-edge work of sacred activism. 

I had to do quite some wandering before I found those two organizations that are so aligned with my deeper truths and values. Contrastingly, I started my ”career” in the Dutch TV-industry as a contributing editor. I was in the beginning of my 20’s and was on the path of ‘making it’ in the world of commercial television. Though quite soon, after a year or two, I found myself on my couch, realizing that the fulfillment of my cherished dream wasn’t making me happy or satisfied. I started to travel to Nepal and India, where I lived for nearly two years. The immersion in new cultures, Buddhism, spiritual thought and especially the different outlooks, ways of life and the mesmerizing natural beauty of the Himalayas changed me.

In retrospect, during my 2-week solitary trekking of the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, I realize that this was when Soul started truly speak to me. The land spoke to me. I knew I had been here before. The Aboriginals believe that each individual human being has a place, a true home on the earth, a place that is absolutely indigenous to them. I can’t begin to describe the sense of home-coming I experience, when I am in Nepal, and especially in this region close to Mustang.

Though through the Purpose Discovery Program I experienced that this sense of home can be experienced inside oneself, regardless of physical place, too.

That is why I am so passionate about it and why I think this work is really important.

So many people I know are longing to feel at home within themselves, while at the same time searching for what is theirs to do as an act of service, or offering, to their communities, to the natural world around us and to the Greater Earth and Life that we are an intrinsic part of.


‘Mythos Revealing Itself’ and ‘Soul Pregnant’ are two drawings that I made during my journey with the Purpose Discovery Program.

To walk alongside you on this path is my deepest joy. To meet in our shared humanity, in the fragility and preciousness, of the present moment. To really explore what’s unfolding, whether it be comfortable or uncomfortable.

Although I won’t be offering Regression Therapy in the Purpose Guiding Programs, I do see that my experience with this form of therapy supports and informs my work as a Purpose Guide greatly. Regression Therapy is about accessing the deeper unconscious parts of the psyche to find the particular roots of mental-emotional challenges while at the same time tapping into the inner resources for healing and insight. It is also in the unconscious where the guiding images of soul can be found. It is a territory therefore that I have affinity and familiarity with.

I want to name also that I have a passion for conscious dance and creative art expression. I studied (for a short while due to the pandemic) at an Experimental Theatre school in Barcelona. This field is calling for further exploration – it is where I find my soul most deeply. In the arts, in the dance and in nature.

Now I am curious to learn about you.
Because it is your own story, that holds the key to your gifts and purpose in this life time.
Together we can ‘track your soul’s unfolding…’ 

To find the thread that will lead you…
into that one wild and precious human life,
that is calling itself into being through your deep longing.

It would be a true honor to walk alongside you.
Feel free to leave me a message below.


Rick Jansen
Certified Purpose Guide™ & Mentor with Purpose Guides Institute
Core-team member with Alliance for the Earth / Gaia Mandala Global Healing Community