Do you feel that something is calling you?
As if you hear a voice, a whisper…
that is ushering you forth into a greater life.
A life that feels more like your own.

You bump against the walls of knowing and feeling,
that what you are engaged in right now, is not expressing who you truly are.

You long for YOUR answers to the burning question:
What do I do with this wild and precious human life?


                                                                         The answers are hidden within,
                                                                                deep within your soul.
                                                                             Waiting to be discovered…

You are invited to go on a journey together, a quest, a deep exploration of what calls you. I can help you to create the space to listen to, attune to and to make the steps needed at this time to get in touch with your heart’s true intent and to come into alignment with your own inner nature. Your life has meaning. It has purpose. And there is a deeper thread trying to reveal itself, always. 

When we move in a direction that touches our heart, we add to the momentum of deeper purpose that makes us feel more alive. A great story and a satisfying life share a vital element: a compelling plot that moves toward meaningful goals, where what is at stake is far larger than our personal gains and losses. – Joanna Macy

About your guide: Rick.

 Hi friend, my name is Rick Jansen. Three years ago (2020) I found myself sitting out on the land, in a circle of stones, during my Soul Quest in the North of Spain with a heart-breaking longing to find a deeper meaning and purpose for my life. Little did I know that enacting that ritual, or ceremony, would not only give me some very helpful insight but it would catalyze a whole new direction in my life that continues to unfold in meaningful and surprising ways.

It made me aware of the possibility to have a ”conversation with Life”, to be in dialogue with the Earth, within me and around me. To start to live into that attunement transforms my life little drop by little drop, it is as if I am in touch with a deeper ”mythic” thread that connects my life to something ancient, vast and intelligent. I believe that we are all connected in that way and when we find our own ways of being in touch with that ”thread”, we can start to live in alignment with our true nature and this implies that we will naturally fall ”in sync” with the wider web of life of which we are an intrinsic part.

I believe that finding our own unique thread, falling in sync with life and with our own inner nature, is a big part of the medicine that our world needs today. When we are able to find the very specific ways that we are called into service, when we find our own ”ecological niche”, we will feel connected to life and clear how to direct our energy.

What is calling me at this point in time is to be a guide for this path of Soul, Mystery and Purpose. I do that in the form of being a certified Purpose Guide and mentor with Purpose Guides Institute (PGI). Besides that I am part of the core-team at the Gaia Mandala Global Healing Community, where I work together with a small group of very wonderful people for the healing and regenaration of our world.*

My work as a guide is inspired by teachers such as Bill Plotkin, Michael Meade, Joanna Macy, Charles Eisenstein, Pat McCabe and Sherri Mitchell. I had the good fortune of receiving guest teachings from them during my trainings with PGI.

I was born in the Netherlands, but currently I live at walking distance from Plum Village, which is Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Mindfulness Center and Monastic Community in the South of France. There I spend time with my hands in the dirt on the Happy Farm, in meditation on the cushion, in the kitchen and on the walking meditation paths with the Lay and Monastic brothers and sisters. In my free-time I love to hike, cook, write, dance and create or visit theatre.

* We work with an ancient Tibetan practice, called Earth Treasure Vases, which are healing vessels made out of clay and sacred substances. The vessels (filled with prayers, intentions, offerings and blessings) go into the Earth at places where healing and protection is most needed. The vases function as accupuncture for the Earth and form a connected global healing network with over 60 vases having been planted over the past 30 years.

What Others Are Saying About Working With Rick

Rick is an incredibly gifted, heart-centered and intuitive guide who has been called to serve the transformation of the collective towards higher consciousness. He holds space with the greatest of care and integrity. Listening deeply through the open and empathic space of heart wisdom, Rick draws on imagery, memory and the indigenous wisdom of soul to offer his people perspectives into a wider lens through which to view their journey towards embodying their wholeness.I first met Rick when he was a student at Purpose Guides Institute (PGI). Right away I sensed an intentional commitment to show up fully and authentically. Upon graduation, Rick stayed on as an intern at PGI and joined me as a mentor in training in holding the journey of a new group of students seeking to understand their purpose through connection to soul. As an apprentice to soul, Rick has devoted himself to residing in the modalities that are true to his own soul journey. He brings to his work a wealth of knowledge of how to engage with soul imagery through the use of music, movement, visualizations and creative expression, which he offers with joy and gratitude.

Frieda Nixdorf

Former Faculty and Staff Mentor at Purpose Guides Institute, Work That Reconnects Facilitator and Adjunct Faculty at JFK University, California, US.

This is such deep and rich work and Rick is truly an inspirational guide. For someone who has done alot of soul searching, therapy and group work over the years I found Rick to be skilled in a whole new way.

This work feels like the new paradigm and Rick is for sure on the frontier of this, a shining light with a gift to guide others in to connection with their own inner light.

Nikki Simpson

British, 40, youth therapist & artist

Rick was a fantastic guide, always welcoming me to our sessions as I am and where I am, mentally and emotionally. He was a great source of comfort and support to me. I looked forward to our meetings each time.

I came to this program because I felt lost on my career path, and I have gained something infinitely more valuable – love and compassion for myself and a sense of belonging to this world.

Jeremy Nagel

American, 33, nurse

I loved how patient Rick was with my limited tongue (Spanish speaker). He was able to read my silences, interpret my gestures and helped me to express myself better through making paintings and reflecting on it.

I see my future more focused. My vision is clearer of what I want to do. I have less doubt. I know I have fears but I recognize them, thanks to the sessions with Rick

Rose Mary

Costa Rica, 62, therapist/healer