The Purpose Discovery Program


The Purpose Discovery Program is an opening of the door to Soul.
You came to life with an inner story, a dream, etched upon your deepest heart. 
This dream longs to be discovered and lived.
To truly live it, is the biggest offering you can give to this world in need of your gifts.

To discover and live your own deeper indigenous and true (perhaps wild) self you need to find your own unique gateways to the language of your soul’s dreaming.

Therefore the program is highly experimental and personal. Within the structure of the program we tailor it to your needs as your journey unfolds.

During the program you will dive into topics as
– care for the soul
– default purpose and it’s limitations
– true (soul) purpose
– working with voices of resistance
– soul and imagination
– relating to and being in conversation with the natural world
– soul quest (a vision quest weekend) 
– integration / embodiment of soul in day to day life

Central practices you engage in are wild nature wanders, artistic expression, guided inquiry and reflection, guided deep imagination, dance and movement, soul-centric dreamwork, soul mirroring and heartfelt community (when opted for the community program).

All those practices allow the deeper unconscious to surface and are an effective and profound way to work with soul-images. This is a direct way to reconnect to the animate Earth, your own soul and to discover your life’s purpose.

It is how you tap into your own unique personal thread of destiny. Your natural indigenous place in the web of life. Where your true joy (purpose) meets the needs of the world. 

Are you ready to find your own unique ‘soul track’? 
Currently there are some places open for a 1:1 trajectory.


Discover Your Unique Calling –
through the nature & soul -based purpose discovery process

guided by Rick Jansen 
1:1 sessions/programs and group-programs available on request

* Program in Dutch available on request

Discover Your Unique Calling is the main intensive program with twelve 1:1 meetings, twelve in depth purpose discovery modules, weekly assignments and access to a wide range of guided soul-encounter meditations and creative explorations. The program builds up towards the Soul Quest Treshold weekend and helps you to integrate your experiences and insights afterwards. The time-investment for this program is 5-7 hours a week. 

This program will coincide with my second (Mastery Path in Advanced Purpose Guiding) training with Purpose Guides Institute running from january to july 2023. Here I’ll be learning from lead-teacher Jonathan Gustin and guest-teachers like Michael Meade, Thomas Moore, Bill Plotkin, Charles Eisenstein and Pat McCabe. My first training in Purpose Guiding was in the first half of 2021, since that moment I’ve guided succesfully 14 people through their own deep dives into the depths of their own souls helping them to find and/or root more deeply into their true life paths. It is my intention to experimentally bring what I learn in this second training into my guiding work, to affirm that nature of experimentation and exploration, I’d like to offer a few places for a reduced sliding scale rate. Those reduced places will only be available during the first half of 2023.

”The natural world demands a response beyond scientific insight.
The natural world demands a response that rises from the wild unconscious depths of the human soul.”
– Thomas Berry

”Through the journey of soul initiation, we come to understand that we each were born as something like a poem, as a unique dance, as a story in conversation with other stories, as an essential and utterly singular episode in the unfolding story of Earth, of Cosmos.”

– Bill Plotkin

”Just as we experience the Earth crying within us as pain for the world, we can experience the Earth thinking within us as a guiding impulse pulling us in a particular direction.”
– Joanna Macy

”To be purposeful is not to be goal oriented,
but to seek to reconnect to the source of one’s life.

– Michael Meade